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Brow tint $10
Lash Tint $15
Eye reviver is $30

Eyelash Perming $50

EYE REVIVER: After cleansing your eye area, I apply a specially designed eye mask containing Wheat, Embryo extract and Albumen Extract to treat puffiness, rejuvenate the Eye area and reviving elasticity of the eyelids. The mask gets infused with my galvanic infusion machine for 15 minutes. Finished off with soothing rosehip gel eyecream.

Full Set Extensions - 30 to 50 individual lashes are applied to each eye. Length can be varied depending on your natural lash length. Lasts up to 6 weeks, depending on care taken with lashes and growth cycle of natural lashes. $99 Regular infills necessary to upkeep fullness.

Party Lash Extensions - Flare lash application 8 to 12 lashes each eye $39